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TAC Havamal

Its been a long road, but we have finally arrived! The Havamals are publicly available on amazon, and from Barnes and Noble, thus are ready to be purchased! Now, whats special about these, aside from its unique translation, is that each Havamal purchased covers the cost to send one to a veteran, or active duty servicemen or women. Thats right, we will send free copies to any active duty or veteran individuals who fill out our form.


"The Hávamál is a well loved resource of verses that gives guidance on how a Norse Pagan can live a more balanced life through the wisdom and insight of our ancestors. Although it was written in the 13th century, Modern day Heathens can still gain guidance into how to live each day wisely in the 21st century.

This is The Asatru Community, Inc's compilation; and was put together as a volume to give to all the Heathen military men and women who honor our community and this country with their brave acts of service.

It has taken many months to publish this version of the poem found in the Codex Regius, and we hope that it gives comfort and inspiration to our men and women in uniform who work tirelessly to ensure that freedom and liberty remain available to all; which follows very much in step with the mindset and ideals of our Norse forebears: Independence, adaptation, perseverance, and overcoming adversity."

Wish to help support Heathen soldiers? Donate here.

Hail and thank you!

Please, enjoy!

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