A Statment on Recent Events

TAC would like to take a moment to address a few issues that seem to be recurring in other forums and reviews.

The first is that TAC is not associated with any other religious organization; Heathen or otherwise. TAC operates as a community with a code of conduct and bylaws. You can find both of those here: and If these resonate with you, then TAC is a great place for you to be. That being said, TAC has a ZERO tolerance policy on discrimination of any kind and does not associate or partner with groups that do.

The second is that our President, Seth Chagi, is accused of having fake account that is being used to spy in other groups and forums. This is simply untrue as all his time is dedicated to TAC and its mission. Spreading these falsehoods only discredits the person spreading them.

Last, TAC welcomes all people from all walks of life. Any race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. If you feel like you need a community of like minded people who honor the Gods and their ancestors, then this is a home for you.

For any concerns regarding any of these topics or to address any of them directly, please contact our Public Relations director, Mac McCurdy at

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