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The Icelandic Book of Futhark: A Review

Runes have long held an important place both linguistically, and magically for the northern people’s. For ages, the Runic Alphabet, or a variant of it, was the main method of written communication. Be it on a way marker, gravestone, or even inscribed inside a grand hall. Runes have played a significant cultural and linguistic role for centuries. But there is more! For perhaps an even longer time, the runes have been used for esoteric purposes. From divining the future, to even raising the dead; runes have more uses than most people can even imagine. It is from the High One, Odin, that we received the runes, a gift from him that we owe for eternity. It is thanks to him that we have any knowledge of the runes and the powers that one can obtain from their use. Today, while runes are not used in any true linguistic way, they are still an important aspect of the culture, as well as the more magical side of things. It is for this reason that today, there are many students of the runes, and many books published about the workings of these staves. Today, we are going to be giving a closer look to one of the newer books on the market, The Icelandic Book of Futhark, published by the Icelandic Magic Company. We are going to delve deep and see if this book is worth your hard earned dollar. Let’s get started!

While it is not fair to judge a book by its cover, the design is often one of the first things we notice. For good or bad, the cover presents to us what is within, and in general what to expect. This book is no different. We are happy to report that this book is gorgeous simply put. The title of the book is boldly displayed, in various runic fonts while the back is superbly plain, save for a runic circle. Once the books are opened, and you are exposed to its inner contents, you will find sharp text, beautiful photos and depictions of the various runes, and runic alphabets. Both the inner and outer content of this book are simply beautiful in their simplicity.

Now that we have gone over the looks of the book, you’re probably wondering about the actual content inside, the real reason you’re here after all. Let’s put it this way, this compilation of runic alphabets and explanations is the best I have ever seen.There is no fluff or riff-raff, it's the runes, their meanings. The information is accurate, concise and to the point while providing a generous amount of information. If you’re looking for a book on the three systems presented, (Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark, Icelandic Futhark) then search no farther for this compilation will be hard to beat!

Now, of course, you may be wondering what such a great book on rune must cost and how to get your hands on it. Well, the book can be purchased directly from the Icelandic Magic Companies website for $39.00 plus shipping (from Iceland). While it is a bit pricey; if you are someone studying the runes, it is definitely worth the price.

We give this book a rating of 10/10. It’s truly stunning both in its information, and the presentation of such.

To sum up everything, whether you're a beginner rune apprentice or a Vitki master, this book has a lot to offer to those who study runes. It is a connection to a time from long ago. A connection to a time where the runes were more common plane. It is a great addition to anyone’s library and should be a serious contender for purchase when one is looking for a book on the runes.

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