An Update on Kindreds

The Asatru Community would like to welcome ten new kindreds to our ever-expanding family of affiliated kindreds. These kindreds and all affiliates of TAC Inc. share the same common goals, ideology, and dreams for followers of Asatru and Heathenry in the modern world and have agreed to follow TAC bylaws to further these common goals. The Asatru Community and our affiliates are proud supporters of Declaration 127, its stance on inclusive heathenry, and our own Shieldwall Movement.

Please join us in welcoming the following kindreds to the extended TAC family!

  • Dark Water Kindred of New Orleans

  • The Wolves of the North

  • Asatru Group of Southern Nevada

  • Urðarbrunnr Kindred

  • Holy Hills Heathen Kindred

  • Alfodr Troth Kindred

  • Læraðr

  • Kindred of the Raven Gods

  • Wolf Hearth

  • Northern Rune Kindred

For more information about Kindreds and forming your own, go to

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