A word about the new Board of Directors Position of High Drighten

There seems to be much confusion and concern over the new TAC Board position of High Drighten. I would like to take a moment to explain the position, the choice of word, and the reason for the creation of this position. It is my hope to dispel any confusion and concern with the following explanations.

"In ancient times, our people survived as an extended family. As populations grew, these extended families joined together to form tribes. This tribe was, in essence, a group of extended families. Over the years they developed their own unique traits, value systems, heritage, traditions, religion, and other vital characteristics. As time wore on, and the people grew larger in numbers, these tribes joined with others of similar character and formed Nations. Again, this method served the people for many years."

The AllThing was implemented as a parliament to rule on things that the tribes were unable to decide on their own. Upon arrival at the AllThing, Jarls and/or Chieftains who did not have business to be decided, were chosen by the LawSpeaker to act as Drighten for the AllThing. These Drighten were there to speak for the people that lived under the Jarl or Chieftain to ensure that the people had a voice and that someone had their best interests in mind.

The board of directors and the tribunal of the Asatru Community has decided to create this special Seat on the board to help ensure that our members best interests are considered in all matters of this community. This decision was made based on the rate of growth of TAC in the last 2 years.

There is a modern definition of a Drighten….


(plural drightens)

  1. A lord; ruler; chief; leader; prince.

  2. (often capitalised) The Lord; Lord God; Christ.


From Middle English drihten, from Old English dryhten (“a ruler, king, lord, prince, the supreme ruler, the Lord, God, Christ”), from Proto-Germanic *druhtinaz (“leader, chief, lord”), from Proto-Indo-European *dhereugh-, *dher- (“to hold, hold fast, support”), equivalent to dright (“army, host”) +‎ -en. Cognate with Scots drichtin, drichtine (“lord, the Lord”), and with Old Frisian drochten (“lord”), Old Saxon drohtin (“lord”), Middle High German truhten, trohten(“ruler, lord”) (dialectal German Trechtin, Trechtein (“lord, God”)), Danish drot (“king”), Swedishdrott (“king, ruler, sovereign”), Icelandic dróttinn (“hero, ruler, lord”). Related also to Old English dryht (“a multitude, an army, company, body of retainers, nation, a people, men”), Old English ġedryht (“fortune, fate”), Old English drēogan (“to serve in the military, endure”). More at dree.

however we are not using that definition. As a religion that honors our ancestors, we are using the ancient Icelandic definition of the word “Drighten” as described below.

“Drighten were there to speak for the people that lived under the Jarl or Chieftain to ensure that the people had a voice and that someone had their best interests in mind.”

As someone who has helped many Ambassadors and Charter members form kindreds that are affiliated with TAC, I can tell you that about 90% of our kidreds have a Drighten in position within their governing board.

The Duties of TAC’s High Drighten:

The High Drighten is responsible for enforcing the protocols of Board & Tribunal Meetings and Votes. He is the constable or overseer if you will, of The Asatru Community. It is the duty of the High Drighten to ensure the wellbeing of our Charter Members and keep their best interests in mind at all times. The Drighten will have one vote in all matters with The Asatru Community. He will oversee the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Tribunal to make sure that everything the Governing Body of TAC does, is above board, ethical, honorable, and beyond reproach. (This position is not to be King or Overlord but to oversee, to represent TAC charter membership, to protect the interests of our membership.)

TAC’s Board and Tribunal’s choice for this new position:

About Vincent Panell II:

Vincent started as a charter member with TAC over 2 years ago. He was one if the first Ambassadors that I had the pleasure of training. I soon asked him to become Lead Ambassador of the Northern States East region and he accepted. Then a board position became available and Vincent was nominated to be Director of Public Relations, then Director of Religious Affairs, then he was promoted to Director of the Board, and finally Vincent accepted the position of Vice President when that board position was vacated. He has been promoted based on his performance and work for this organization. Vincent was one of the first Gothi Ordained by TAC. He is a veteran and served his country honorably. I personally can’t think of a more qualified individual to have in the position of High Drighten than Mr Vincent Panell II. He will perform his duties with honor, dignity, respect, and will take to heart the core reason for this position; which is to protect and serve our charter members above all else. Of this I have no doubt.

I is my hope that with this explanation, any concerns, confusion, or questions have been answered. If you still have concerns, please feel free to email me at Thank you all for your time.

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