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Big Anouncement!

The Asatru Community has worked diligently to ensure that any changes to TAC is most beneficial to the community. After much negotiations, we’ve come upon a new change that is much anticipated and long overdue:

Previously, there was only the Affiliated Kindred program where kindreds could apply to become affiliated with TAC but not physically a part of TAC. Now, there will be two types of kindreds within TAC: Those under the previously mentioned Affiliated Kindreds and the new Official Kindreds.

Going forward, affiliated kindreds will have the option of obtaining an official status and operate under TAC’s 501(c)3 status. By accepting an official status, kindreds do not give up their autonomous operations. Baring major changes, official kindreds are free to operate independently. This also allows Official Kindreds to operate as physical Hof’s and be recognzied just as a local Christian church would be in their local areas. This, of course, requires paperwork to be done by the Kindred, TAC and your local governments.

Once a kindred is given official status, it’s bound by the by-laws, code of conduct and protocols of TAC. Should any of them be violated, the kindred and its members are held responsible for the violation. As an autonomous entity, the kindred will be responsible for governing itself and addressing violations accordingly. However, should violations not be address in a timely manner, TAC reserves the right to act as the governing board.

There are several stringent requirements for becoming an official kindred:

  1. Kindreds must go through a 90-day probationary period in which they abide the bylaws, code of conduct and protocols of TAC.

  2. At least one leader (Chieftain or Gothar) must be ordained through TAC either by direct ordination or by the Clergy Training Program.

  3. To qualify to be an official TAC kindred, at least one kindred board member must fulfill a major volunteer role with TAC (ex: ambassador).

  4. The kindred must have and maintain a minimum of 5 members to continue as a TAC kindred.

  5. The kindred must have a total of 200 hours of community service (collectively) to qualify. The community service hours do not apply to TAC volunteers only. Any kindred member that does community service in their area such as crochet or knitting guild donations to charity, volunteering at food banks, homeless shelters, parks or highway cleanups can also be documented for your kindreds qualifying hours.

  6. The kindred must maintain 30 hours of community service per quarter (3 months) Any one or more kindred members hours will be counted.

  7. The kindred must maintain impeccable records, submitted monthly to the Vice President. These records include membership records, volunteer and community service hours, board meeting minutes. The kindred must have their own treasurer keeping the financial records for the kindred such as membership dues, donations, expenditures, etc. The financial records will be submitted to the Vice President of TAC monthly, and they will be made public on the kindred website or online via the kindred Facebook page or group.

  8. Kindreds must host events that are open to the public once per quarter.

  9. Kindreds should schedule events to offset around ambassador events that might be in the same area. If an ambassador is a kindred member or leader, the ambassador is required to hold an event for TAC once per quarter and kindred events will not count toward that requirement for the Ambassador Program.

  10. Kindreds must be a benefit to and active in their local community.

  11. Kindreds must have their own PR representative or spokesperson and maintain their own social media presence including having a website or Facebook “page” that clearly states the kindred is a non-profit organization.

  12. Kindreds must keep TAC updated via a quarterly report on the goings on of the kindred. This will include members joining or leaving, problem members, events held or planned for the upcoming months, any other updates that do not fall under the records required under section “7”.

  13. Kindreds cannot charge for services rendered and must abide the guidelines of the IRS 501c(3). However, kindreds will be allowed to collect membership dues from each member on a yearly basis. The membership dues cannot exceed $50.00 per individual membership or $100.00 per family membership per year, unless otherwise changed by executive decision via a TAC Board of Directors vote. A special request must be made in writing to the Board of Directors to increase membership dues beyond prescribed amounts. Membership dues will be deposited into a business account and may only be used for operating expenses of the kindred. A kindred board vote must be taken for any use of money from membership dues. Any kindred board member accused of misusing kindred funds will be immediately reported to TAC Board of Directors. Misuse of kindred funds will result in removal from the kindred and membership with TAC will be revoked. There will be no exceptions. Kindreds may also accept donations from members and outside sources.

  14. Kindred bank accounts will be listed in the Kindred name only; example: “Hrafn & Ulfr Kindred of Topeka”. This will be a business savings or business checking account. Three (3) officers of the Kindred will be listed on the bank account so that board approval is needed for any and all expenditures of kindred funds. (The name TAC or The Asatru Community will not be used on any kindred bank accounts.)

Current affiliated kindreds will be given a choice to remain affiliated or be given an official status by being grandfathered in without meeting the 90-day probationary period of eligibility requirements as outlined above. Current Affiliated Kindreds will have 60 days from Today's date 08/27/2018, to decide if they want to upgrade to an Official TAC Kindred. There will be several changes to affiliated kindreds going forward:

  1. Affiliated kindreds will not accept membership dues or charge for services until it has existed for 2 or more years and applies to become a TAC kindred.

  2. The current and future affiliated kindreds will now be required to email a report to the Vice President once per quarter. This report will include: new members (including charter membership status with TAC), removed members (and reasons they were removed), or departed members (and reasons they left the kindred) and other pertinent information that may be required by the TAC Board of Directors now or in the future.

TAC reserves the right to review both official and affiliated kindreds.

The documentation concerning official kindreds and affiliated kindreds will be available via The Asatru Community website.

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