Special Announcement!

We have 2 new Ordained Clergy joining the TAC Clergy Family!

All officially ordained TAC Clergy can be found at this link:

Lise Christofferson of Pueblo, Colorado is the second person to complete our Clergy Training Program and she is the first female to be ordained through this program. Here is a little bit about Lise:

Hello, I’m Lise Christofferson and I am a Gythia ordained by the Asatru Community. I live in Pueblo, Colorado, and you can reach me through TAC or through my page on I preform weddings, funerals, handfastings, and age rituals such as naming ceremonies, first tooth, coming of age, saging and croning.

I believe in bringing the gods, goddesses, ancestors and spirits back into our celebrations and our spirituality into our daily lives. I regularly preform ritual and functions in my area and I am always reaching out to the greater Pagan community, as well.

I truly believe in the spiritual path of Asatru, and in TAC’s commitment to its growth through education and bringing people together. There is a place for everyone at the spiritual table of Asatru.

Joseph Marrero of Opp, Alabama is also joining our Clergy Family. Joseph recently completed our Direct Ordination Program. Here is a little bit about Joe:

Joseph Marrero is a community and family minded individual. He strives through many channels to better himself, his family, and the community around him. He is married with 2 boys, ages 15 and 8.

He studied and has a degree in applied religion, and has a vast knowledge of world religions, always reading and learning to expand that knowledge.

He first came in contact with Asatru about 10 years ago when he was invited to attend a class on the religion and pass along some information on mead and wine making. He is a beekeeper and award-winning mead maker.

He has founded and run boy scout troops in 3 states, started paranormal investigation groups, and run for city council and state office to better his community. He is currently running for mayor. to continue his Community efforts. He has won many Awards including special citations from mayors and Governors.

He helped found and has been Gothi for the South Alabama Asatru Folk Kindred for a year and has recently help found the Alabama Asatru Folk Kindred to expand the kindred statewide. The kindred has gone from 5 members last September to over 50 statewide as of this writing.

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