Changing with the Seasons:

It is my honor to thank Ivy Mulligan for her service with TAC and my duty to inform our community, that Ivy has stepped down from the Board of Directors of TAC serving on the board as our Director of Religious Affairs.

Ivy started her journey with TAC as a new charter member, became a partner on May 19th, 2017, and was Ordained through Direct ordination. After learning of Ivy’s training and skill, that she is a published author, a teacher, and skilled Norse Shaman/Seidkona, the board began discussions of the possibility of adding her to the Clergy Training Development Team. Ivy was asked to join the Clergy Training Program, she accepted the request. When the board positions changed again, the position for Director of Religious Affairs came open as other members were moved up the ladder. The Tribunal interviewed Ivy for the position of DORA. Ivy has worked for this community in that capacity for the last year or so. Ivy’s path has taken several turns while she was with us. Now her path takes another turn, she has left our Board of Directors in order to move on to fulfill her Wyrd, in service to Asatru, Heathens, and Spaeworkers, in whatever her new direction will be, while serving her community wherever she may travel. We thank you Ivy for everything you did for our community, for your service, dedication, spiritual direction and guidance.

It is also my honor to introduce our members to Mr Joseph Marrero who will be taking Ivy’s place on the Board of Directors as Director of Religious Affairs.

Joseph has been a charter member of TAC since April of 2017, he volunteered for the Ambassador Program and has been serving as Ambassador to Alabama for just over a year. He has been serving his kindred as Goði and he is very involved with his local community in Alabama. Joseph was recently ordained by TAC through our Direct Ordination Program, so he could bring his Kindred from Affiliated to Official TAC Kindred Status.

Please join us in welcoming Mr Joseph Marrero,

our new Director of Religious Affairs!

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