Official Stance

This statement will be added to our CoC on the website and will be added as an addendum to our By-Laws.

"TAC does not endorse or tolerate white supremacy, racism, or hate in any form against any person or group of people. To that end, we will not now or in the future, be admitting into membership or ordaining anyone who is found to be a current or former member of a racist group or organization. Should we discover any individual(s) who have misrepresented themselves in order to subvert membership, entrance into any of our programs or ordination process, we will remove them immediately upon discovery and a thorough investigation will be conducted if the Board of Directors finds it warranted. This includes but is not limited to hiding an arrest history or convictions, federal charges or convictions, past or present hate group affiliation. This extends not only to our members but to our board members as well. Threats against, persecution without proof or evidence, hate campaigns against a charter member, a board member, or against our organization, will not be tolerated. This statement also covers Social Media behaviors and conduct. We will not tolerate harassment of our charter members, threats, cyber stalking, and/or cyber bullying."

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