Introducing the TAC Advocates Program!

Are you a Charter Member? Have you thought about the Ambassador Program but you don't have 90 days as a member or you don't think you can meet all the requirements to be an ambassador? Do you host gatherings because there isn't an ambassador in your area? Are you wanting to help our community grow but you aren't sure how you can help? Maybe you should consider being a TAC Advocate!

What is the TAC Advocate Program all about?

The definition of a “Brand Advocate” is a person who talks favorably about a Brand and then passes on positive word of mouth messages about the Brand (TAC) to other people. Essentially, we want to create our own "Brand Advocates".

The “TAC Advocates” idea is based on a need for more representatives in more areas to help promote TAC and its programs where we have a lack of Ambassadors. We feel that we need more people out in the public spreading the word about TAC. We believe that this position between Charter Member and Ambassador, with less requirements, who can talk about TAC with all sorts of groups, spread interest, answer questions, and attend outside events, would be another program to create more interest, and to fill a void that needs to be filled.

As a TAC Advocate each person will be asked to attend as many outside events in their area as possible. These outside events might include local Pagan (non-Heathen) community gatherings, Pagan Pride events, Gay Pride events, etc. They will be asked to host their own events and invite any heathens or pagans in their area.

A TAC Advocate is any Charter Member that has been in good standing with TAC for a minimum of 30 days memberhip and is willing or has a desire to help create Community in their immediate area. We have many Charter Members who are doing this without any recognition. We sincerely thank those of you who are already out there helping in our community and we want to give you the recognition you deserve. This is also a very good way to see if you might be interested in moving into the Ambassador Program after you have been successful in the Advocate Program.

As an Advocate you will be asked to sign a release for, and pass a background check as well as sign our standard Volunteer Agreement. (All Volunteers that meet with or represent TAC in public must agree to these two items.) You will be required to email Topher Henry; our Ambassador Program Director. You will have a Lead Advocate - Ivy Mulligan to help you with ideas, events, and how to advocate for TAC. Being a TAC Volunteer will make you eligible for "Volunteer of the Quarter" title and prizes. {There may be more perks available later as TAC grows.}

Re-introducing Ivy Mulligan as ~ Lead TAC Advocate

Ivy has been with TAC for almost 2 years. She served on the Board as Director of Religious Affairs and helped write some of the courses for our Clergy Training Program. Ivy has been a Seidkona, Volva, and Heathen for nearly 15 years with 30 years as a practicing Pagan. Ivy has graciously agreed to help us kick off this new program and is looking forward to working with our Charter Members who decide to be TAC Advocates. Ivy attends many events per year and hosts a few. As a traveling Volva she spreads the word about The Asatru Community wherever she goes. We feel that Ivy is perfect for the position of Lead Advocate. She will be here for new advocates to offer advice on how to be an effective advocate, host events, and gatherings.

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