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Announcing TAC'S New VP!

Hailsa All! My name is Ivy Mulligan and some of you might remember me as The Asatru Community’s previous DORA.

Upon the untimely passing of my beloved friend Sage, (who was actually theperson responsible for my involvement within TAC in the first place over 2 years ago) the position of Vice president is in need of filling.

So that Sage Nelson’s beneficial hard work and dedication to this ORG can continue forward, I have decided to step up and accept this position as well as the responsibilities that will accompany it.

Sage and I were very close as Spa sisters, and she had begun to undergo my year-long apprenticeship so together she and I could continue our passionate work to bring Heathenry and Asatru into the 21stcentury via showing all the myriad of ways a modern person could reclaim our Indo-European ancestral spiritual heritage.

For both Sage and myself, our biggest shared dream was to actually see heathenism viewed globally as a viable (and respected) spiritual path for those people seeking Old Norse Pagan Ways in a very high tech world. Sage and my lifes work is and was finding an accessible, Pagan Germanic/Teutonic Way of seeking connection with the land, contact with the ancestors, and communication with the Old Norse Gods, which we both found through The Asatru Community.

Through our roles within TAC, we both discovered the vehicle to this reclamation: Education, open safe communication, and shared experience via social media documentation and sharing.

Sage was called back to rest with Hela’s gates earlier than she had planned, but in honor of our sisterhood as Völva’s and seiðkona’s, I have harkened to her request since her early departure from Midgard to please not let what she has begun fall away, and carry it forward.

So with that, I am here to announce I will be taking on the mantle of the Vice President of The Asatru Community.

I will work very hard not to let Sage (or the fine Folk she selflessly served) down and carry forward her work ethic and plans. I also will do as she did, and I will be available and ready to aid with what advice, knowledge, hospitality, and teaching I can provide to those of our community who seek it.

Please note that the VP role within TAC is just as all the board positions; voluntary, so I may not respond as quickly as Sage did, but I will indeed respond!

I look forward to this new growth period, for both myself and for The Asatru Community. May the Norns be kind and bless this Wyrd. May the Gods be kind and bless all of our endeavors on this path of re-claiming 21stcentury Asatru!

~Hail and Skal!

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