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Introducing not one but two new Board Members!

We have got some changes on the BOD that we are very excited to announce. We have a full board again! We have been operating short staff since the last incidnet but now have a full board again! 2019 is starting off great for TAC, and things are going to run much smoother now!

Meet our new DORA!

My name is Stephan Shane Gunn. I was born in Oakland CA in May of 1955. I was raised Catholic in a rural town north of San Jose. Upon graduation, I joined the US Army as an Airborne Ranger and fought in a few placeswe were not supposed to be. *nervous cough* I have noticed, both in TAC and in other walks of life, that there are folks who glamorize a “warrior” life. Unfortunately, their idea of a warriorinvolves violence and mayhem. I only wish they could see the massive and tragic end of such a thing. It is horrifying and still haunts me, thus my drive for human respect and compassion. I have spent most of my adultlife as a writer, primarily as a storyline writer and consultant to stand-alone and online games for different publishing houses, I am now retired and finally doing what I have always wanted to do. I am currently working on a six-volume saga that is a work of lowfantasy, At last, I can own a story of my own. I have nothing but timeand wish to use it to serve TAC in the capacity of Ambassador. My interest in the Old Norse began with my bloodline. Although my family came to America three generations ago from Scotland, the ancestor from whom my last name originatesemigrated from western Norway (post-Christianization). His name, as I only recently was able to verify for certain after a major mistake, was Gunni Ulftannson, son of a large landowner: ThorsonnUlftannson. When I was twelve, my grandfather gave me a young person’s copy of Norse Talesby Tomas Grint. I was instantly in love,and when I studied for my degree in Cultural Anthropology (emphasis on Indo-European migrations and symbology),I was in an element in which I was certain was where I trulybelonged. I began practicing the “Traditions” about three to four years ago, although mostly stumbling under the information I could glean from the book Essential Asatruby Diana Paxson. This brings us to present when I discovered TAC and found my home. To return to the question of Ambassador, I have the finances, time, and beautiful surroundings to host anything that is needed. I hope this was what you needed and was not too awfullywordy. My thanks.

For Gudene,

Steph Gunn

And our new Public Relations Director:

Hail all!

My name is Matt Bartlett. I was born in Los Angeles, CA. And am now residing in Yakima, WA. I am the father to a beautiful 17 month old boy named Greyson. Some of my hobbies include playing guitar, building models, playing with my son and anything and every‐ thing that has to do with my fellow Heathens. I am ac‐ tually currently setting up a kindred up here in Yakima. I was raised in a very large cultish Christian church. I felt the gods calling me home at the very young age of 13 years old. I have long since denounced my faith in the Christian God and have started on this long, beau‐ tiful, and amazing journey to learn our ancestors ways and grow in our faith to be as strong as I can. I believe that wisdom and education are our sharpest tools. And approaching each situation with an open mind set with our wits in our hands is how, for the past thousands

of years we have survived and how we will continue to grow. I am very excited to hold this new position in TAC. And am eager to get to know each every person in the community. I want whoever reads this to add me on Facebook and feel free to message me.

Hail! Matt Bartlett.

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