BIg Announcement!

I am proud to announce that The Asatru Community Inc is now recognized and accredited by the prestigious American Association of Drugless Practitioners, as we move forward and add the 21st century Heathens curriculum of the Arts of Seidr and Core Norse Shamanism Yearlong Apprenticeship Training Program to our growing Heathen education programs.

We already have the Clergy Training Program which is being re-done and revamped; so, to be recognized as being a school of excellence for Holistic healing and Arts, is quite an honor!

The year Long Seidr Apprenticeship equips anyone enrolled with all the Alternative modalities of a Core Shamanic practitioner as well as other alternative healing modalities such as crystal therapies use, herbal use, and hands-on healing skill sets used by many holistic healers of the 21st century.

This intensive course also teaches the ancient arts of Seidr found within the lore, so where applicable, we keep to our Indo-European cultural arts as authentically as we can buy the information left to us by our Ancestors.

Each Student who enrolls will receive path-wright access to the main body of each month's lessons, as well as 1 on 1 check-in With Ivy Mulligan each month via phone conversations; then a private virtual classroom is created for each student where extra reading material and discussions are posted and discussed all year long.

Upon graduation, each apprentice receives a certificate of completion, which recognizes each graduate as a Northern Core Shamanic Practitioner; which gives each grad credibility within the shamanic community to begin their own practice since Ivy and The Asatru Community is now accredited by the AADP.

It’s a brave new world, and Heathenry is becoming, every day, a more accepted and recognizable form of spiritual practice; especially the Shamanic Healing arts of Seidr.

Stay tuned as more teaching curriculum will be added to TAC; as the vision of this ORG is to teach and educate, as well as uphold and support all who wish to immerse themselves in Modern Day Heathenry that’s based upon our ancient Indo-European roots.


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