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Virki Musings by Kurt Hoogstraat a Review

When you become a Heathen, an Asatruar you're going to be told at least once that "its the religion with homework" and they are right! So I read pretty much everything on the Kindle book store when I saw this, and written by a friend no less, I knew it had to be good.

The information that one can glean from this book is very great indeed. For the starter Vicki, this is one of those books you should not live without. Those who are a little more experienced will find many of the topics familiar but appreciated.

What the book is, is a collection of the blog posts om Kurt's blog, Vicki Musings, but organized in a way that flows by topic and not chronologically. With extra information thrown in there, it truly is a great book for the beginner.

Five Stars.

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