• Seth,

A New Welcome!

My name is Amy Marie Flickinger. I am 23 years old and I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work w/a minor in Psychology. I stay in Erwin, NC, but I am from a small town called Maysville, NC.

I am an Ambassador in NC and have found kinship in those of TAC SSE. I am honored to be the PR Director and I look forward to continuing my path in this way. I hope to do everything I can to help TAC achieve our goals and be of service to our members.

I was raised in a Christian family, but was never at peace with that religion. Ever since I was about 4 years old, I've heard a call back to the ancient gods. I learned to find my own path and have met many friends and kindred spirits along the way who have helped me discover myself. I have held and experienced other Pagan beliefs on my path, but I have found my spiritual home in Asatru.

My beliefs include spirit and energy based work that began long before I came to know that I'm a Heathen. I grew up knowing hardship and so my professional, personal, and spiritual work all revolve around helping others and healing in many forms. I am closest to both Hel and Loki, though this does not take away from my connection to all the divine.

I'm always open to talking, especially about Pagan/Asatru topics. I'm pretty much an open book so long as youhave an open mind. I look forward to the many journeys I will continue to have within The Asatru Community.

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