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Supporting Our Men and Women in Uniform

As many of you know, we have a program called the Havamal Distribution Programm, and what that means is we will send a free Hamaval to a serviceman/women veteran, or first responder for free! We will cover the cost of the book and shipping.

This is a military kindred we have been sponsoring with Havamal, sending them over 70! And more soon!! Asatru has taken a foot and grown and grown!

Not only that but because of this massive project we undertook, we decided we needed our own Havamal, which a team at TAC spent almost an entire year creating just for this purpose.

Today The Havamal Distribution Program is one of our finest and most rewarding programs, and one of our most expensive. Lucking sales are almost equal to the total cost to keep on sharing and buying the Study Havamal!

Why do this in the world of ebooks? Well, ask anyone why they would prefer a book, either get it, or you don't.

Love you guys!

To register for the program:

To Purchase the Havamal:

Hail the Holy Powers!

Hail the Folk

and Hail TAC!!

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