Happy Birthday TAC!

Today is a very auspicious day; as in 2012, a young man named Seth Chagi created a blog on wordpress called the youngasatruar.

Seth was 16, and he was being called by the Norse gods to honor them and learn all he could about heathenry.

As everyone does when embarking upon a new spiritual calling, Seth felt like he needed a community of like-minded heathens; and after searching the either-webs in 2012, Seth didn’t feel the content of the web pages or blogs, fit the bill of actually welcoming as well as educating new Heathens like himself.

Seth wasn’t just looking for the same old limited resources of org's and blogs that redundantly ruminated the same common views of “read the Lore.” Seth was seeking the deeper mysteries of the Indo-European form of paganism known today as Asatru.

Seth was searching for a modern construct of an Ancient path, and when he didn’t find it, on March 6 of 2012 at the urging of the Old Gods and the Ancestors he serves; Seth he made the place he was seeking; which later would be known as “The Asatru Community” or simply, TAC.

Fast forward to today. TAC is now a WORLDWIDE network of like-minded individuals who want a safe place for people, who like Seth 7 years back, are looking to find the information and connection to others who are also on this path.

The Asatru Community is an ORG dedicated to a usable space where everyone is free to go and learn, to share ways of reviving this fragmented and ancient pagan path, while learning from a global community precisely how we are collectively turning Heathenry into a viable LIVING 21st century spiritual path!

Today, as The Vice President of TAC, and as a “known” teacher and Volva of 21st century Seidr; I wish to to say, “happiest of birthdays” and commemorate this special day.

It is because largely due to tireless work of The Asatru Community, Inc., its volunteers of board directors, and TAC's supporting members, our faith is growing as a recognizable and welcoming Pagan path.

Due entirely to volunteer work and donations; The Asatru Community reaches thousands worldwide, and through our programs like the Military Hávamál distribution, and our emergency relief funds, we can physically now support our community with some tactile forms of spiritual support.

This is an amazing feat to witness and be a part of; How a meager blog became a COMMUNITY with such growth and communal action which started out with such humble beginnings as a young 16 year old heathen reaching out to others simply learn more about the Gods and wights he was being called to serve and honor.

Its amazing what The Old Ways can bring forth as a touchstone and meeting place in a high-tech world of fear, toxic disconnect and trepidation.

Happy Birthday TAC, may we all continue to grow collectively as a Heathen Community into this brave new world.

That’s what it is all about after all, for us as a modern people to connection as kith and kin in frith and faith with Ansuz, Kennaz and Wunjo.

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