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Official TAC Statement on the NZ Terrorist

The following concerns a horrendous occurrence. At two mosques in New-Zealand today, a gunman opened fire. Forty-nine innocents were murdered and taken from their families and loved ones.

The gunman has been quoted using “Valhalla” as his term for where he intends to go after his own death as well as having drawn our sacred symbols on his weapons and gear.

Due to this, a call has been heard in the core of our spirits to stand for our beliefs. We have come to this day with shock and confusion. As we have shared and read about this, our shock and confusion became heartache and rage. How dare someone take our gods and our faith and use them for this evil!? We are here to right this wrong against our divine and take back what was stolen from our beliefs.

As we have already seen, Heathens and other pagans in general have come together, spoken out, and gone to their divine for answers, to mourn the innocents lost, and to hold up the truth that, “WE GIVE NO QUARTER!”

FORTY-NINE people were taken from their lives today, FORTY-NINE! Their families and loved ones have had their lives destroyed and their hearts broken. Over what!? A monster who thought his family’s heritage was valued more and a fool who claimed “Valhalla” will take him.

We of TAC are here to say, our sacred symbols and Valhalla are NOT his to claim!! Our gods will not stand for his presence to be honored in death; he will NOT be favored or cared for in their sacred realms! Many of us will tell you right now, a place for him in Nastrond is being held. Nastrond, where those as horrible as murderers will forever be in torment.

The news outlets and media will share his name and background, but he was not a “regular” person as they claim he says or as they wish to push with his life story. He is a vile, murderer who NO true Heathen will support.

Heathens and other pagans who call upon our shared gods, we see you and know that you too feel this way. Now is the time more than ever to let others know, this is NOT who we are. We will NOT stay silent!! We call our SHIELDWALL to surround these victims and their families against any who might try use our sacred symbols and divine against them. The gods are watching. They are looking for us to do what is right in their honor by speaking out and letting the world know, Heathens are not this way! Valhalla is for the honorable warrior defending justice and peace, not vile murderers who harm innocents in their own sacred spaces.

Our attentions must now be turned to those victims and their families. Our faiths may differ, but our hearts ache and our divine will hear our cries for you! There is no justifying what has happened and no way to repair the damage this evil has caused. We stand with you, faiths different and all, and say we will never agree with this mentality that seems to be spreading like a disease. While we do not share the same divine and beliefs as you, we honor and respect your sacred spaces and traditions. No people deserve to feel afraid due to who they are, where they are from, or who they worship. No people deserve to die over this hate. This evil person and his acts upon you have not gone unnoticed and we will not stand for it being tied to our religion. May you, the innocents lost and their loved ones, know that we are calling on our divine to meet you for a healing and peace that is desperately needed in this time. We are on your side and will stand with you.

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