Hey Terrorists, Fuck You!

Hello all. It is with a heavy heart I address you today. If you’re on the TAC website, you probably know about the horrors that occurred in New Zealand today. In case you don’t, I will link to the New York Times article on the tragedy. I’d like to address my fellow Norse pagans and my Muslim brothers and sisters in particular, but all are welcome to read this article and I hope it brings some consolation.

Words are not enough to express how those of us at TAC feel today. A terrorist claimed our sacred symbols and used them to decorate his gear before killing at least 49 people. This terrorist attacked two mosques, during their Friday morning prayer.

This terrorist does not represent us as heathens. It is the duty of all Norse Pagans, all who are called to our gods and this path, to renounce evil where we see it. Read the Havamal. Let Odin tell you how he feels about terrorism. Start with verse 127. “If evil thou knowest, as evil proclaim it; and give NO PEACE to thy foes.”

This terrorist is representative of evil, not paganism. Terrorists are the enemies of all those who truly follow Odin. If you follow Odin, you know this already.

This terrorist clearly targeted Muslims. Anyone wishing to follow Odin should see that muslims ARE NOT our enemies. Terrorists are. To my Muslim brothers and sisters, we stand with you.

Heathenry is not a religion of terrorists. Islam is not a religion of terrorists. Terrorists are not welcomed or tolerated by either the Islamic community or the Heathen community. What terrorists are are sick, twisted people who attack and kill innocent people, hoping to inspire fear and hatred.

This terrorist will be forgotten. I have not used his name for the entirety of this article, because his name isn’t important. This degenerate deserves no fame. He is evil. He is a coward. He killed innocent, unarmed people with a gun. He did it publicly, on a live stream because he wants fame for what he did. I will not be contributing to that. He wants you to know his name. Don’t learn it. Why should you give a terrorist what he wants?

I am a man. I am a follower of the old Norse Gods. I am an Asatrur. I follow Odin. I do not wish to speak for my gods, but I know they look upon this terrorist’s actions with disgust. I may not speak for Odin, but I KNOW this terrorist is not in Valhalla. Valhalla is a place for elite warriors, not for terrorist cowards.

To my fellow pagans: do not let terrorists be the face of our religion. It is at times like this that those of us who show our faith in the old gods and the old ways to the world must also show our hearts. We must show the world that terrorism does not represent us. Do not take off your Mjolnir. Wear it with pride, for it is a symbol of our ancestors. Honor our ancestors by being a good person. Show the world what it really means to be heathen, by going out and doing good.

And to my Muslim brothers and sisters: know that we love you. We do not hate you. This terrorist does not represent us. His actions were his own, and they disgust us. He did not know our true ways. Many tears were shed by myself and my fellow followers of the Norse path today. We feel for you.

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