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Havamal Fundraiser

Hail all Heathens and supporters of TAC!

As mentioned previously, we are starting a new fundraiser for TAC’s Hávamál Distribution Program! We are proud to say that this program has already served nearly 1,000 TAC Heathens! Our last count the other week showed at least 939 TAC Hávamál books sent out!

Written in the 13th century, Heathens today still use the Hávamál to seek Odin’s guidance. The Hávamál you see promoted here is the compilation of The Asatru Community Inc. from a version of the poem found within the Codex Regius.

This fundraiser is to support the continued distribution of our Hávamál for free to: First Responders, Military Personnel, and Veterans. We thank each and every one of you for your service, protection, and dedication to others. It is our hope that the words of the Allfather will guide and comfort you throughout your life. To clarify, our Hávamál Distribution Program extends to those outside of and within peaceful standing with the USA as well. You do not have to be a first responder or military personnel/veteran of the US military to qualify for our Hávamál program. As an international organization, TAC respects and honors the importance of those who serve others all over the world. However, shipping rates may affect this distribution.

This program is largely run by community donations from Heathens such as yourself. We acknowledge the dedication you have for TAC and are honored to be able to serve you in return. Any donation amount is helpful. All donations will go to this program for the benefit of providing these men and women their own copy of the Hávamál! Please help us to keep these program alive and running for these brave and wonderful people!

Thank you!!

If you are a First Responder, Military Personnel, or a Veteran, please order your free copy here:

If you would like to purchase one:


For your convenience we also provide it through Barnes and Noble:

To donate, send funds to on PayPal, or visit our Facebook fundraiser:

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