A call for Unity

*Note this poem was in my news feed as I was reigned this morning to form a worldwide ritual to try to change global events. This poem sums up my motivation to write and share the next two of posts which will be the most decisive and important work in my “career” as a Gythia and Volva:

“Rune Perthro.

Don’t wait any longer, since so far, what you thought salvageable has been lost and that you must accept.

Focus on your life right now, in the here and now.

Don’t focus on the result, don’t get into memories, {they}really doesn’t exist anymore, it’s just that, memories.

Your initiation begins, recognizes and closes cycles of the past, for you to start is new stage in your life in the best way.

I love you, I value and respect.”

~Antonieta Contreras.

In the next 2 posts I am dedicating all my time and energy to EVERYONE I can reach; to gather and call into awakening and action, ANYONE to gather together; (alone or within a group) to perform A SIMULTANEOUS CEREMONY FOR SWEEPING CHANGE AND CULLING on the specially designated Day of The Spring equinox~(also called the March equinox or vernal equinox) which falls on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, at 5:58 P.M. EDT.

I am seeking as many practitioners of ALL forms of Spirituality that will join me; to universally, as members of the Human Race, to collectively work our UNIFIED WILL proactively; and by working in unison, we will attempt to PHYSICALLY manifest a worldwide sociological and spiritual sweeping change, thereby Altering the Entire World’s Wyrd and destiny. (Truly I invite anyone from ANY Spiritual path to participate if this reaches you.)

1)Why? To attempt as a collective consciousness to put a STOP to, and CULL, the Wolves of Hate who are banding together in anarchy with the ill will and intent to cause destruction, death, discrimination, and the breakdown of civilization for reasons only known to them.

2)How? Buy creating a worldwide intention of Uniting all pagans, as well as Heathens, by drawing upon Jord, the Norns and each other to gather healing and holistic cohesion, and place it FIRMLY back into the shared cosmos. I am hoping by showing we as a unified spiritual people are truthfully and with honor, about our connection to the Heath,(the land/Jord) to our Ancestors,(families/forebears) and to our neighborhood of ALL fellow man(Norse Pagan or otherwise): No matter where those neighbors hail from. This intention is to be called out into ALL the 9 worlds, the cosmos, the either, and will being executed at the same time, on the same day; Wednesday at 5:58 EDT, within each person’s own Hof’s, Huger’s, Ve’s, and Kindred-via the Global Sacred Ceremony, I will share tomorrow morning.

3)The projected outcome? To possibly thwart the trajectory of global social-societal break down, mass irrational violence, and fear fueled hate; and to then hopefully create via this mass event(ceremony) a collective Iron Will, ushering in a brave new world that doesn’t permit catastrophic annihilation due to small factions of evil, demented, human mindset setting a series of unfortunate events that having been set in motion; WILL lead to the end of life as we know it as Unified Heathens of the Modern World.

Sounds pretty daunting doesn’t it? Well hang on to your Mjölnir’s folks I ain’t done yet.

Besides calling for the unification and spiritual action of the global ceremony, (which again, I will share tomorrow) I also call out a challenge to all Norse Pagans to rethink how they use (incorrectly) detrimental terminology that categorizes ourselves as "raiders" or people bent on pillage and violent anarchy if we are Heathen on the path of Norse Paganism, and CULL the erroneous “name” that some people have come to stupidly call our form of Indo-European spiritually as “The Viking Way.”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to know and honor the importance of the vocation that some of our ancestors had to take on, since becoming a Norseman who went-a-Viking was done to help to further the ancient, starving, Scandinavian populace from dying out by acquiring new lands and new areas of sustainability for their descendants.

BUT people that was THEN, in a much different AGE world, not now; and to label anyone a “Viking” as a spiritual or religious path is ludicrous! The bro-astru, survival-of-the-fittest, “gotta be mean and have a tough skin to be heathen” bull-shit is pure delusional fantasizing in these Modern times (read escapism) and to even entertain that lifestyle of sailing the open seas to conquer the world by violent force as plausible for anyone today:Norse pagan or not, does a disservice to the memories of those who actually had to go “a-raiding” to survive.

It is definitely NOT a form of spirituality or soul growth, that’s for sure!

You want to be a Viking re-enactor? ~ Take it to a LARP fest and stop using that word as spiritual labeling, as it is NOT a proper name for Norse paganism, nor being Heathen.

Oh, come on, I hear you grumble: why all the fuss over what label we use to identify ourselves in the same post with a universal call to a global ceremony of Unity (and pro-action) to collectively work to stop the downfall of mankind.

Because, for powerful intentions of UNITY to manifest, one must be VERY clear in the wording of said ritualistic destiny changing: so we must be accurately specific on what we say and how we address ourselves in a ceremonial settings.

The point of the mass ritual is to heal our community and spread that healing world wide via unification. We must be clear from this day forward who we are as Norse pagans and what we stand for.

The correct term we are looking for to describe Heathenry is more accurately “Indo-European re-constructed Pagan spirituality,” and we must commit to that concept, as even the word “Heathen” right now, is, in real time (at least in America) in danger of becoming corrupted by these warrior-rape-pillager wannabes; (a.k.a wish I was a Viking cause I love the TV show)

So much in fact, that the original “benign” insult of ‘being a heathen’ slapped on Norse pagans by Christians two thousand years ago, is now at risk to becoming, itself, a dividing label; causing confusion to the world at large with whether or not a Norse Pagan calling themselves simply “heathen” (without a disclaimer attached) is really a racist menace, and now leaves the door wide open to the speculation that you’re a Nazi sympathizer and at any moment, you will become dangerous and unstable in your push for white supremacy.

Why? because some idiotic fools disenchanted with life in the real world, watched a few episodes of “Vikings” and was enamored with the notion their “masculine power” was actually used at some point in history, so they fantasize that Bro-power can once again be realized when they take on the role of Ragnar, or Ivan the boneless.

So they decide to add this role playing stupidly to a very different heathen path, and become more aggressive, cruel and ruthless when they are joined by other folk who also can’t stomach real life in the 21st century.

And then the infection of supremacy begins to infect their minds, and they seek more hateful controlling power, so they turn to to the seedy underbelly of bias, cruel aggression, and threatened violence; cause, hey, that’s the Viking way, right? OUR Folk, or Die.

-Not a comforting thought to a new comer to Norse paganism when they see the negative connotations attached to their Ancestral Heritage and were thinking they want to openly celebrate their Norse pagan roots, now does it?

So now, more than ever, we must unite and change this course of Norse pagan destiny and END having Heathenry and Norse Pagans equated with doom, danger, hate and strife, by STOP allowing the “Viking Way” to be equated with being a heathen.

I hear you gasping and choking on your coffee…but hear me out: It won’t EVER be correct to say Norse Paganism is “The Viking Way,” since the very word is more a verb than a noun, and it was used in the bronze and iron age to equate a faction of Germanic/Teutonic Men who went about raiding and pillaging for survival and glory.

Make no romanticized mistake; Vikings were a small faction of the Indo-Europen peoples, and what they did to find new lands WAS a form of piracy and violence.

Our Ancestors had to do what they did then to survive, but those times are WAY over.

Why must I again be Captain Obvious and remind everyone we live in the 21st century and it’s not legal (nor desirable to decent folk) to equate ‘piracy’-a violent vocation of domination, theft, and killing, (which still exists by the way but now it is done with assault rifles instead of swords and axes) with a SPIRITUAL practice or lifestyle; especially within Modern day Norse Paganism!!

Finally, just like Folkish, Odinist, Wolves of Vinland, and a few other terms and symbols stolen from Norse Pagan history; any “heathen” who claim they are “viking” is a description of a growing faction of haters turned role players rife with bad, scary, negative connotations.

Oh, and before any fool goes off half-cocked and screams “I don’t care what the world thinks! I do what I want!!” ~YOU my friend, with that self-serving “me first” mindset are part of this worldwide, cancerous, problem.

You see, there was a poisonous venom that began with Hitler, and through his heinous acts, supremacy and domination through fear, violence and hate, was injected into the base level of what we know today as Heathenry.

Flash forward to now, many times if a “heathen” says they follow the “Viking Way” AS A FAITH and is obsessed in trying to relive to the stories of the small populace of Scandinavians who went out to dominate, raid, and pillage to further themselves and their tribes; these delusional people have been infected by the noxious venom which has permanently attached a toxic pus and a gangrene into the Norse path of Paganism.

I am not being an alarmist; just do a bit of looking around, and you will be will see that, shockingly, the pus that infected the beginnings of this path of Norse Paganism which touted dominance, supremacy, take what you want by force, and "only the strong survive" mentality is now spreading in the Heathen community at such a rate of mind consuming, diseased decay, these very twisted new factions of haters are inciting the corruption of societal co-operation and cohesion by trying to bully, intimate and sicken the entire Heathen community with the relentless seepage of “The Viking Way” of hate, strife or anarchy.

This is now making decent Heathens afraid to show who and what they believe as Norse pagans, and it is gathering more Bro-power cray-cray’s who are staying stubbornly within demented groups who use the word “Viking” to recognize themselves, so they feel a sense of hate-filled unity.

Pretty shocking I know, and it took me a good YEAR to open my eyes and see this rapidly growing fringe sect of Heathens.

So what do we do about it, eh?

The only solution is to put down those rabid wolves by educating the Heathen community and have everyone on every forum WATCH and TAKE ACTION of removing them and silencing their rhetoric when they appear. By watching diligently for these “Vikings” (to even equate the historical Scandinavian people who really WERE vikings with this new faction of demented haters makes me sick) eliminating them from their power source. (a.k.a. the heathen community) will work if everyone acts with swift decisiveness.

Don’t allow yourself to be dubious or simply a silent supporter due to turning a blind eye. By simply knowing they are within your ranks, but you take the look-the-other-way-stance; thinking hey, as long as they stay quiet, who are they hurting right?) WRONG! So, for change to begin to TRULY reclaim this Norse pagan path, I have come to the understanding that it starts by literally cutting the cord and putting down the use of the word ‘Viking’ to describe who we as Norse Pagan’s really are believing/practicing as a actual spiritual path, and to stop equating being heathen as a faith with being “Viking” as a faith!

What we DO within the Indo-European ancestral veneration path of Earth and our Ancient Dead, is all about Heathenry (Norse paganism) NOT riding ships, dressing up in costumes, and wishing so badly we were ruthlessly conquering some other poor sods domain.

We must agree to use different, ACCURATE, terms to describe who and what followers of the ancient Germanic/Teutonic Ancestral Cultural Spiritual heritage ways really are, and for Thor’s sake, we are NOT VIKINGS!!

We are an evolved, civilized, educated, and globally connected modern Folk perefectly capable to manifest these ‘old ways’ within our 21st century lives, is by BEING in the 21st century.

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