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The Media Creation Team (MCT) of TAC is proud to present: Mimir's Well - The Official Magazine of TAC!! This magazine project has long been waiting for a new set of volunteers to join the team in order to renew, update, and begin again!

For those who don't know: The MCT is one of TAC's Board departments under the responsibility of the PR Director, Amy Flickinger, who directs the team in projects, related to our media and creative content development, that TAC wishes to provide to our members. The MCT Manager, Ashleah Hudson, leads the team by delegation and is in charge of: project assignments, deadlines, submission reviews, and so on. Through this, the team has dedicated time out of their own lives to create Heathen/Asatru relative content for our members.

Led by our Editor in Chief, Ashleah Hudson, Mimir's Well is created by Charter Members for Charter Members! It is part of the Charter Club resources and is understood to be for Charter Members only! Sharing Charter Member content with non-members is prohibited as per our C.O.C.

Submissions for the magazine are welcome from Charter Members. An Open Call will be announced each month with the month's theme and the items we need for submission. The deadline for submissions to Open Call is set at the 15th each month; with changing requirements based on each month's theme. Please look for the Open Call announcement beginning on Mondays, and continuing weekly, for each new magazine issue.

Please be aware that the magazine is a constantly developing project within TAC. The MCT will be continuing to improve and create content within the magazine. Any errors and such will be corrected as we improve our techniques. The content of the magazine will expand, change, and grow throughout the continuation of this team.

The theme of this Mimir's Well this month is: Summer Solstice! You can find the magazine under "Member Resources." Please click "Charter Club" and find the link directing you to the magazine. You must be a Charter Member with a TAC Website Account.

We hope you enjoy the content in this new issue and throughout each month as we provide this magazine.

If you have any questions, submissions, suggestions, or concerns related to the magazine, please contact: Ashleah Hudson at

If you have issues finding the magazine or accessing a TAC Website Account to find the magazine, please contact either Amy at or Seth at

Hail and thank you!!

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