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DOMA Announcement

We are very excited and proud to announce not only a new board position, but a new board member to fill that position as well.

The Director of Military Outreach is going to be the head of our military programs from here forth. He will be head of the military ambassadors, while expanding and growing that network. Providing services and information on Heathens in the Military, and perform similar functions as a Gothi, but strictly for the military. As a side note, the CTP is now free to active duty individuals.

The DOMA will oversee the Havamal and Voluspa programs, as well as creating new, and beneficial programs for veterans ad active duty groups and individuals.

So far we have had great success with out military outreach, at one point, at once base we had near 150 people interested in Asatru whole we sent Havamal to in order to help the along with their journey.

Leading this new exciting phase of the chapter, is David Nix, here is what he has to say about himself and why he is fit for the position:

“Hello all, my name is David Nix. I am Active duty U.S. Army E-7 with 13 and a half years of service as of April of 2019. I am a husband of 11 year and father to one beautiful daughter and handsome little boy. I was raised in a Christian home, but never felt like it was me. When I was in high school, I discovered the New age section in the local book store and started on the adventure that was Runes and Wicca/ Pagan. I felt more at home, but still didn’t feel quite right.

I still have my first set of runes from the early 2002. I joined the Army in 2005 and deployed to Iraq in 2006. As anyone who as every been to war can tell you, it changes you. I tried to be normal during that time and gave being a Catholic a try. Needless to say, that wasn’t for me.

After this I started back down the road of learning and started on the road I would later learn as Asatru. I continued down this road quietly and kept to myself. I struggled with depression and anxiety due to work and kept to myself. and kept to myself. I struggled with depression and anxiety due to work and family. After getting tired of being miserable, I decided to put my family and my faith first. I requested a religious accommodation and needless to say this put me on a highway for the Community not just a path. Shortly following this decision, I encountered other practitioners who, like me, felt like Fort Bragg needed an Asatru community that was in accordance with Army EO policies; because no one likes meeting a group only to learn that they are racist or sexist. We have been on an amazing journey since then.

I look forward to serving the community as the Director of Military Affairs and Military Ambassador.

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