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Board Member Changes and a Welcome!

Hail and Hello the many members of TAC!

I have fun and important news to share with you!

First off, a dear and blessed farewell to the lovely Mr. Gunn who was serving as DORA (Director of Religious Affairs) who had to resign due to health issues. We wish him the very best and will always be there for him.

Taking his place is Topher Henry whom you may from the ambassador program, as he has been the director for two years! He has done an amazing job as DOAP (director of ambassador program) and we are utterly and truly excited to see what he brings to the position of DORA. He is very excited for this new venture as are we.

Next up, Casey Clark, also known as "Beast" will be taking the reins of the Ambassador Program from Topher (under his tutelage) and leading our ambassadors to bigger and even greater things! We are very excited to welcome Casey to the board!

Learn more about Topher and Casey in the "Meet the Board" section of our website under the "About" Tab!

Hail to the Board!

Hail to the members!

Hail TAC!

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