Changes in TAC

Hail all! This is an official announcement from the Board of The Asatru Community-Inc. to all of our members as well as the public community! We the Board have continued to work on leading with integrity, honor, and dedication to our beliefs, the gods, and our wonderful Charter Members. As TAC continues to grow and expand into new branches, so must we all.

It is in this day that our Founder and President, Seth Chagi, has come forward to resign as President. Seth will remain with TAC as our Founder and serve to continue to help TAC and the Board as needed. In light of this, the Board has come to agreement that Topher Henry is best suited to serve in the role as President.

To Seth Chagi, for providing us with the foundation and life of TAC with your many years as our President, we thank you. May the gods and all Divine continue to guide you always in the Heathen path! We the Board will continue to uplift, teach, and grow with this community with honor and dedication to Asatru and the Frith between us all.

To Topher Henry, we welcome you as our new President of TAC. Thank you for your commitment to this community and courage to serve the gods in this role. It is our desire as the Board to see you succeed and to help you, as President, to guide and lead The Asatru Community.

To our community and our Charter Members, we hope that you find truth and honor in us the Board and our passion to serve you for the gods and our Asatru tradition. Please know that this decision was not made lightly. We swear to these commitments and goals in the best interest of all of TAC. Hail and thank you!

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