• Seth

Heathenry and Thanksgiving

Hail and Hello Heathens!

I just wanted to check in and write a quick article today that I think we will all be able to appreciate.

Today in the United States is a holiday called Thanksgiving, despite a great deal of false history and false facts, this "holiday" really is a complete modern fabrication of false events. But it is now celebrated at a national level across the U.S.

Why are we talking about this? Well even though Thanksgiving is an American holiday with no ties to anything holy, its modern day practices can find themselves echoed in viking culture and history.

So how is Thanksgiving celebrated? The "traditional" day of Thanksgiving consists of things we would see in many a long hall. Family and friends come to gather to join in merriment and meeting. Food is made, prepared and brought and a mighty feast is consumed and enjoyed by all that are gathered.

The essence of the holiday is the joining of family and feasting. Is this starting sound more familiar now?

As we know from our history and culture, hospitality is a key and important role in how society functioned. This day could be seen as a perfect example of this, of hospitality. What are Heathens better at than gathering together, drinking and making merry?

While Thanksgiving is not a Heathen holiday, it sure can be used as a time for a good excuse to gather with friends and family to enjoy a delicious and well earned feast.

So friends, gather around, enjoy the season, and prepare for Yule! Enjoy your feasts and be safe and happy!


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