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Big Announcement!

We here at TAC are very excited to share some groundbreaking news with you. Recently our President Topher Henry announced to our Charter Members that construction on the first ever TAC Hof will begin shortly and be completed near October 2020.

The Hof, located in Friendship, Indiana, is a 90-year old hay loft that will be converted into a long hall.

This is going to be a massive community undertaking and there is just so much potential here we are very excited.

Ostara 2020 should be the first Blot held in the new Hof.

We are very excited to bring this news to you and all that it entails.

This Hof will be the home of many festivals, rituals and Heathen related activities in the days to come, it shall not be our only Hof, not by far but it shall be the first and we couldn’t be more excited.

We shall be giving frequent social media updates to the public as to the status of the temple.

Check out some photos below:

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