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What is Frith and what role does it play in modern society?

Frith, there are no modern words or equivalents that can be used to describe just what this means. Yet it is such an integral part of community and society, both in ancient times and today.

Today we are going to be discussing just what Frith is, and the role that it plays within our communities for it does play a very important role in a healthy, and strong group. Before we get into that, its probably prudent to give you a definition of what Frith is, so that we can all be on the same page going forward

Frith can be translated to something like tribal love. What I mean by this. Is it a love for community, thy neighbor, making peace and friendship. Coexisting in this world and a productive and symbiotic way. Taking care of one another. This is all that Frith is, and in ancient times it was crucial to our survival as a species.

On the other side of being a proud Heathen, I am also a scientist, a Paleoanthropologist, which means I study human evolution and our origins from a scientific standpoint. So trust me when I tell you that Frith, and the concept of what it means, has been crucial in the success of our species survival.

Where so many others have failed, Frith is what has kept us going and allowed us to take over the world.

And what is Frith but a gift from the divine? A sacred contract. A social contract. Everything that goes on in our society revolves around Frith. From the mailman delivering your mail to the beaker baking your bread and the teacher teaching your child. We all follow a specific set of societal norms that allows us to coexist and simultaneously move forward towards similar goals.

For many of us, it’s natural, some of us have to learn it and others decide to ignore it. But the most successful communities are those that not only acknowledge the role Frith plays, but its importance to local, regional, and national society.

The Nordic peoples put a great deal of faith and time into the building and maintenance of Frith. More so than many other cultures, or at least in a way that is more recognizable and acknowledges by the practicing people themselves. Frith was not just something you did or did not do, it was life or death. The individual survives with the family and the family with the tribe and so on.

Frith is the interconnected web that is weaved between each individual and those around him. When Frith is broken, blood may be spilled, at least in the old days. Today it brings the tearing asunder of friends and families, with no frith there is no meaning relationship no connections.

This year, TAC is hosting the 2020 Year of Frith, an entire year dedicated to the future of building frith within our community and without, strengthening our ties and connections to those communities around us, providing more resources for our members, or family, and extending our hall’s open invitation to others.

So come join us in Frith and let us build this community together!

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