• Seth

9 years later...

What an auspicious and precious number to our people. 9. It has so many mystical properties and meanings its hard to contain them all in one number.

But 9 is something else as well.

It is how many years that TAC, The Asatru Community Inc has been on this planet.

9 years ago today, high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains I started a blog called "The Young Asatruar" (I was 16 at the time). I wanted to show people what it was like to become Heathen at such a young age, having already practiced for three years.

Soon I gathered a following, and so came a Facebook page, then a group, then another group, then finally the organization and non profit status and we were in the big games!

TAC Is now considered one of the largest, fastest growing, and only FREE Asatru organization In the world.

We have grown from a novel blog, to a fully blow organization with over 150 volunteers and over 6k members. All devoted to the same cause, the promotion of inclusive heathenry and education across all platforms, and demographics.

Since stepping down as president, I have been given the gift to see TAC in a new light, one closer the one of wonder I held when I was younger. I get to experience the organization instead of doing all the clerical work (Sorry Topher) and its given me new eyes and ears. Or turned my old ones back on at least.

I always have, and always will do what is in the best interest of this organization, my family, in any way that I can. I am so amazed, so proud of how far we have come.

The future is so bright, and there is nothing that can hold us back if we work together as a community.

With big plans, big responsibilities, and even bigger ideas, 2020 looks like a great time to be apart of the TAC Family.

Hail to All of You.

Hail to the Holy Powers

Hail to The Asatru Community!

Seth Chagi


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