A Day of Memorial

Hail Heathens far and wide, TAC members and non TAC members, today I come to all of you with some very sad news, and ask that for once, we all unite in prayer and in giving our blessings to the family of Bjorn Alexander Snow who passed away on 1/11/2021 after only a short time on Midgard.

Bjorn is the son of our Deputy Director of the Ambassador Program, John Snow, and we feel his pain very deeply.

Today he is holding a memorial service with his husband for their baby boy.

Please send all blessings and well wishes as Frigga welcomes Bjorn into her loving arms.

While he was not here long, he brought light and joy like no other, and even though watching him suffer was hard, every moment that there was hope was worth it.

Unfortunately the fates called little Bjorn home early, and we must all live with that.

For now, please give your blessings to the Snow family, and always remember how precious and sacred life is.

Thank You.

Seth Chagi


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