A New DoAP?

No, we don't have a new DoAP, just a name change of the current one. Read below to see Hyde's, formerly Jessica, announcement.

"I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know about something so that there isn't any confusion. I have been wanting to change my name for the majority of my life, it's something I always wanted to do but never felt ready. Recently, I finally felt ready to take that step forward in my life and change my name. While at the moment it is only publicly but I will legally be changing it later in the year.

I am making this announcement so that everyone knows that no, I have not left board, no this is not a new person just me with a new name. I know that there has been many changes within TAC from board, to ambassadors, to volunteers in other areas. I wanted to ease the worry and let everyone know that I'm still here just with a new name.

I will now be going by the name Hyde Addams. This is a name I have loved over the years and have always felt connected to. I also want to say, as I did get asked when I came out with my name change, my pronouns will stay the same as they are.