A New SMM!

While this announcement might not strike you as new, as we have had a few of these the last few weeks, we are hoping this is the last one as we find stability once again across TAC.

Id like to give a warm, and merry welcome to AJ! Our new Social Media Manager! Hes got a big job ahead of him but we know he can handle it! Hes going to do a great job!

"My name is AJ, I'm originally from Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada. I joined the Army in 2005 and moved out West to Alberta in 2006. I left the Army in 2013 and went back to school getting my Welding Journeyman while also working as a paid on call Fire Fighter getting my IFSAC and Pro-board seals in 2016 before re-joining the Canadian Army in 2017. I started my path with Asatru while out of the Army in 2016 and joined TAC at the end of 2018. I became interested in the Ambassador program towards the end of 2019 and became a Canadian Ambassador in January 2020 hoping to connect with others in the community and help them do the same. As your Social Media Manager I look forward to interacting with the community both in person at events and online through our various social media platforms. Any questions or concerns you can contact me through my email, Looking forward to meeting new people, continuing my studies and helping the community grow.

Thank you."

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