A Reintroduction and a Goodbye

Hail and hello world!

I am here to give you news when it comes to the Board of The Asatru Community, today we said goodbye to Amy Flickinger our P.R Director, and a very welcome reintroduction of Mr. Stephan Gunn to take her place.

Sometimes life changes, and with it our availability and ability to volunteer. Every position at TAC is a volunteer job and is done on an "as can be done" basis. Fortunately for Amy, she had just started a new career and her life changed a good deal. Our President Topher Henry and the Tribunal came to the conclusion that those changes did not allow enough time for TAC, and putting the community first as we must always do, we realized we needed someone revitalized and new for our public relations department.

We thank Amy for the years that she served as a Director on our Board and all of the hard work that she put into her job. We would not be where we are today without her.

Welcoming Steph back to the Board (he was our previous DORA but left due to temporary health issues) he has some big shoes to fill.

Under his guidance the P.R Team will be split up into the following, The Media Creation Team, The Social Media Team, Mimirs Well Team, and The Website Team.

Each of these teams will have a leader that reports directly to Stephan and a team to process and do all the graphic intensive and administrative work that needs doing.

With the use of these teams we plan to increase our presence both online and in person with quality graphics, videos and content.

I am also proud to announce that over the next year, we will be building a more accessible and easy to use website that will be led by its own team. This project is major, and we do not expect to see it done anytime soon, but know it is being worked on.

We know that Steph is going to do great things in his new position, and we wish Amy the very best.

Thank you for checking in,

Seth Chagi

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