Above and Beyond!

Hail everyone!

Today we would like to give a shout out to one of our Deputy Directors who goes by the name of Das Ulf. He has gone above and beyond for what we expect from our Ambassadors. Here’s a little story about what has transpired.

A Charter Member struggles with some mental health issues. An incident, that will remain untold for safety and privacy, caused this Charter Member to have a meltdown and was in danger of causing self-harm. Not only did Das Ulf talk to this member, but he took it a step further. Living rather close to this Member, he and his wife decided to go see the Member in person. They had a meal, performed a blot and spent time with the Member, making sure they were in a healthier state of mind before leaving their side. Das Ulf has also offered to continue to support this Member and help them through the process they are struggling with.

This act of kindness goes above and beyond what is expected of our Ambassadors, and truly shows what TAC is all about. With that said, The Board would like to show our appreciation to Das Ulf for being an outstanding Member, Ambassador and human being. These kinds of interactions are what we, here at TAC, strive to bring into the Heathen community.

Thank you, Das Ulf for your passion and commitment to TAC and it’s members!

With Frith,

The Board

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