An insensitive meme

Dear Members of the Community,

I would like to take this moment to address each and everyone of you in the most serious of tones.

Yesterday, a meme was posted across all of our social media sites, this meme was not appreciated by some, and by others it felt a step to far. Going so far as to say it enticed violence. Inciting images of folkish and reclaiming our roots.

We at TAC never intend to entice illicit or illegal activity within our without of our community and we believe our gods are above all of our differences. The only groups TAC puts in its cross sites are those that espouse bigotry and hatred.

The meme was removed after we heard complaints about it, no one came to the TAC leadership with their concerns, which is unfortunate as the issue could have been handled much quicker had things been handled in the right way. We understand that reaching us is not always the easiest thing to do but we all do our best to make sure that we are here for you the community. There was no fuss, we realized that our post could have been more sensitive and we removed it.

But please hear me, someone you have followed and know, for years, if this meme is making you question your loyalties and whether you should remain apart of TAC I would like to remind you of a few things.

We are The Asatru Community, the safest, least bigoted most popular Asatru organization in the world both in count of numbers and reach of word. Each day we fight on the front lines against bigotry and hate of every kind to keep you, our members safe and happy. Each and every day. It’s not easy work, when there are so many out there who wish to tell you your way is the wrong way, or that you cant practice because youre not a white European. For most of us in TAC, this goes unnoticed. But for some it is front and center, like for those who have signed our Shieldwall vow, to fight and defend the honor of our ancient ways and symbols.

It is our goal to provide a wholesome, family safe, and inclusive Heathen environment.

As we speak, before any of this had occurred, we announced our international, and interfaith ritual of healing for the earth and its inhabitants, we ask that you join us September 18th at 6pm pacific time.

Thank you



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