• AJ Theal

Charter member map is back!

Updated: 6 days ago

Hail TAC,

I’m happy to announce that after a long hiatus The Asatru Community charter member map has gone live! The map will have our Ambassadors, Clergy and those Charter members that selected ‘Yes’ to be included when they signed up with TAC.

We’ll be getting the map up to 100% in stages. The first stage is complete with our Clergy. The second stage will go live in the coming week and will include our Ambassadors followed by Kindreds and finally our charter members (which will take some time due to the number).

Anyone wishing to access the map you can do so by logging into the Charter member section of the website and following this link, You must be logged in to view.

If you’re not a Charter member, signing up is free by completing the form on our website, Once you receive your acceptance email you can then create a website account to access all the Charter member only features.

If you notice an error or have questions relating to the map please contact

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