Hey everyone!

Seth here;

How are we all doing? Hopefully staying safe and healthy!

I have just some updates and news I would like to share.

Starting tonight, our President Topher Henry has put me in charge or our COVID-19 Response, and trust me I will be using all of our resources to tackle this world changing pandemic.

As many of you may know, TAC started as an online organization, that then spread into the real world. We have the backbone, and the experience to provide quality community to solo Heathens around the world. And that is just what we will do.

While these times seem dark, and in many cases they are, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Today is the Spring Equinox, Winter is over and as we transition to Spring many of us are used to gathering with one another in celebration. In response to the virus, many of us are no longer doing that, choosing to self isolate and stay home. For some of us we do not even have the choice. But that does not mean your celebrations or your community need suffer.

There are many ways to stay connected and participate with each other over the internet, its such a modern day marvel, it truly is.

I am proud to announce that this coming Monday I will be presenting to the greater Heathen community, a digital calendar to download, for free, of all the events, and activities that TAC will be hosting for at least the next month. All in one place so you know what is going on and can participate with your community.

From fireside chats, to live blots and rune readings, lectures and so much more, we are going to be providing not only our charter members, but the public’s ways in which to stay connected while practicing social isolation.

Along with this, I would like to bring everyone’s attention back to the fact that we have an emergency relief program running for Charter Members. While we cannot cover much, and defiantly cannot supplement income or lost funds due to the virus (at least not yet) we are here to help.

But this fund runs completely off specific donations for it, we cannot use main funds for emergency relief, but we do have a separate allocation for this. If you would like to help those fellow charter member families currently suffering from hard times, consider donating to and we will put your funds to good use!

To get to the form to request funds, please visit Charter Club on our website.

Together, and with the help of the Vaettir and the Gods, we shall all get through this, and stronger on the other side because of it.

Stay strong, stand together while standing apart, and lets show the world why we are called The Asatru Community.

Thank you

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