New Bumper Stickers!

We are excited to announce a new and improved design to the official TAC Bumper Stickers!

These are available when you become a TAC Charter Member, as well as at any time from ordering on our website.

They are also sent out for various reasons and programs such as the Havamal Distribution Program.

Not only do these bumper stickers show that you are a proud Heathen, but that you are a proud TAC Member, and are a contributor to your community and its betterment.

Join TAC Today, its 100% free, but if you donate you will get your bumper sticker, or buy one on the side. Each one sold adds to the general TAC fund which promotes the furthering of inclusive Heathenry worldwide, within, and outside of our community.

So grab yours today!

Order yours here:

They will be sent out in late November 2020 and we will get them to you asap!

And don't forget! It's TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

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