New Member of the Clergy

We would like to congratulate Nikk on completing the CTP and welcome them aboard as the newest member of TACs Clergy.

Now a word from Nikk.

“Hello. My name is Devon legally, but my preferred name that I work with most is just Nikk. I am a single mother of two boys from a small town just west of Nashville, Tennessee. I have been studying and practicing paganism in various forms for a little over 20 years now in a rather eclectic way while finding my "place". I was raised in Christianity. But at age 13, my father told me he wanted me to study and learn different paths and find what's right for me. Once I found pagans, I started with Wicca (mostly because that was all that was easy to find at the time) and then went on studying and learning different paths and pantheons until I was called to the Norse more firmly a little over 3 years ago (though I'm sure I was being lead here the whole time, although slowly).

My primary deity I work with most in my personal practice is Loki, but I do work with others as well across the pantheon, and especially so in group settings. I believe all have their place and "specialties" and don't discriminate in practicing and growing with gods, or people. What I do most in my practice is study and share what I learn as able; provide an ear, prayer, guidance, & working for those in need of it; and I also do tarot & oracle readings and am a writer/author with a book on Wicca for children already self-published and a blog that's focused more on my Lokean side and also on the Myths and lore of the Norse (with a few other topics here and there).

My main goal, however, is to be able to help people; to teach and learn and comfort; and to help others find the path and place that is right for them in a way that is inclusive of all who feel called to whatever path may call them. With TAC, I hope to be able to do that even more so. And most importantly, I hope that I never forget that I am never finished learning.”

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