New Member of the Clergy

We would like to congratulate and welcome Ben Carr as one of our newest Members of the TAC Clergy. We are happy to welcome him aboard the TAC Clergy and look forward to his continued work.

Now, a word from Ben:

"Hello. My name is Ben Carr and I am a husband, teaching professor, political activist, volunteer, and now a goði. I am originally from Texas, but relocated to south east Michigan, my wife’s home, in 2014 so we could be involved in the family upbringing of her sister’s son.

I started my true practice in 2019, only dabbling for the previous three years, and joined the TAC in early 2020. While I’ve always felt stronger connections with nature and polytheism than the Protestantism I was brought up in, I was never really able to begin defining it until a few years ago when I returned from a Baltic cruise determined to get more “in touch” with the faith I felt my ancestors were trying to share with me. Since then I have been in an self-accelerated path to understanding and devotional practice. Originally, I began the Clergy Training Program in the hopes of learning more as I would in an academic environment, but I quickly felt compelled to commit myself to the work if I passed. The opportunity to share the lore and wisdom, as well as delve into the mysteries, like the Runes, became a consuming desire.

While I am still new in many respects I want to share whatever useful knowledge and skills I have, from aid in study, to spiritual assistance, to ritual and ceremony. If any Asatruar, heathen, or pagan in southeast Michigan is in need of aid please reach out to me and I will do my best to help you in your spiritual walk."

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