New SMM!

We are exceedingly excited and absolutely happy to announce that we have a new, dedicated and prepared Social Media Manager to maintain our social media presence.

All Hail to Leah! The new Social Media Manager!

“Hail and Well Met,

My name is Leah Pelley and I live in ‘Land of the Living Skies’, also known as Saskatchewan, Canada! In my early teenager years was when I became interested in Heathenry, I stumbled upon Asatru in 2014 after researching many different paths.. I must say, I have never felt more spiritually “at home” than I do now!

I am honoured to take the position of Social Media Manager and build a team of Social Media Administrators and Moderators that are dedicated to making TAC’s social pages and groups a welcoming, educating and fun place for all!

If at any time you have questions, concerns or comments.. please do not hesitate to send me a message! My inbox is open to all.”

We wish Leah the best of luck and know that she will do great things for TAC and the community!


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