Some Changes to the Board

Hail and hello all members of the Heathen world!

TAC would like to take a moment of your time to update you on the ongoings of our organization. We have some changes coming to the board, and would like everyone aware of them.

First up, as with all things we must eventually say goodbye. Casey “Beast” Clark has decided to step down from his position as director of the Ambassador Program and resign under his own accord.

Casey has done much for TAC, and the AP, and we cannot thank him enough. It will be big shoes to fill.

Speaking of said shoes, Saverio Donancricchia our current High Drighten, will be stepping up to the plate to take over the role of Ambassador Director. Please be patient and kind to him as he learns the ropes, its going to be an adjustment for everyone but we will get through it all together!

Casey, And his business Beasts Curiosities will remain an official TAC Partner, and our chosen business for all official TAC merchandise.

As far as the High Drighten post goes, we will do what we usually do and hold elections in Charter Club to decide the next High Drighten.

Topher Henry and myself would like to put Austin Harasti’s name in the bucket for consideration.

Hopefully all these changes will bring only good for TAC and we will continue growing and strengthening our community!

Hail TAC

Hail the Community

HaIL the Divine!

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