Standing against Racism!!

Dear Members of TAC, and the Pagan Community as a whole. We have some sad and disturbing news to report. Who we thought was our honest and true friend of TAC,, Ivy Mulligan, has now been shown to be a folkish, racist and bigoted person. We, as an organization that supports Inclusive Asatru cannot continue to foster any frith with her, or the Guild of Forn Sed. We are cutting all ties immediately. Ivy has not been apart of TAC for some time now, and we are fortunate and glad for the good she did, but there are no excuses for her comments and behavior who, as we speak screenshots of are spreading around the internet. As soon as we became aware of this we knew we had to act fast. We wish Ivy love and light in hope of curing her bigotry, but we, and TAC no longer are tied to her.