TAC Emergency Relief Fund

The TAC Emergency Relief Program is something that we have taken much pride in, we have throughout the years helped our community out financially as best we could, and as the community was willing, as needed.

We have helped fund funerals, pay for cremations, help with buying prescription drugs or helping cover medical bills or just keep the lights on in the home for the next month.

We have done this for years. As we all know, 2020 has been a year straight out of Ragnarok. With the pandemic, so many Americans required financial assistance that they had no where to turn but to us, with our open hearts we did what we could, for as long as we could. But at a certain point we had to temporarily shut down this program.

We could not risk the entirety of the organization and its functions or programs by haphazardly giving funds away. So the program went on hiatus.

Today, I am proud to announce the reopening on this program, under new rules and guidelines.

With hard work, and the generosity of the community we have reached a point where we feel comfortable enough to reopen this program.

Today I will reopen the application for the program and any Charter Member can apply. Each case will be viewed individually, and on a case by case basis. This program is for emergencies only, but not only that, it's for emergencies we can help with.

If your rent is due in a few days, and you have nothing to pay it with, please do not come to us, we cannot help you, as much as we would like to, and wish we could, we cannot.

If your water is going to be shut off, and you have half the bill, yeah we can cover the rest and make sure you have water.

Need prescription drugs? We can help with that.

Medical bills? Probably not something we can help with.

You have to be realistic just like we have to be. We only have so many resources, and we must spread them so thin. We want to help everyone, but we must only help those who we feel are in the most dire need. Those that we can actually help.

Along with launching this program, we will be launching a fundraiser to help bolster the funds that we have available to us. We ask that all community, and even non community members who wish to see direct financial aid reach our members, to donate today. We will detail how you can do that shortly and will add that information to this post.

We are a community, we are here or you, and we are here together.

Hail TAC!

Donate Today:

We are one of, if not the only organization that, instead of taking your money, gives it back to you when you need it!

There are strict requirements for getting approved, and the amount that will be dispensed will vary, but our goal here at TAC is to provide emergency financial aid to our community when they need it.

If they need to pay their electric bill, need help with rent, buy prescription drugs, or just buy food and warm clothes for the cold winter that has arrived.

We are asking you, the community to help in this endeavor. While we have funds to run this program, it cannot run forever, and will have to go on hiatus again once the program runs out of funds. But we want to stall, and even prevent that.

With your donation today, you extend the life of this program and help Heathens just like you all over the world.

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