• Seth Chagi

TAC Voluspa Update

Dear Charter Members,

It is long past due that we owe you an update on the status of our Voluspa that the community so amazingly raised money to pay for.

Due to unforeseen transliteration and translation issues, and misunderstandings we have recently come to know that we basically have to start over.

So what does this mean?

Well, we have the funds to pay for it, so as soon as its ready we can get it published, but its going to take a few months to get to that point, and then the publishing process is going to take a few months and in the end its going to be a while before anyone gets their hand on a copy.

We are deeply sorry for this, but fate is fate and there is little we can do.

So again we thank everyone who so graciously donated towards this fund, know that your donations are not in vain, and we shall get this book published!


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