The Nine Noble Virtues

Hail to all of the Charter Members of The Asatru Community! This is an official statement from The Board; As a community that stands for inclusiveness, we would like to announce that we are no longer in support of the Nine Noble Virtues and will be removing them effective immediately from all platforms. (Including, but not limited to: TAC Website, Facebook Page, Facebook Groups and the Clergy Training Program.) However, we are excited to announce that our President, Topher W. Henry, is in the process of creating a new version based off of the stanzas in the Hávamál, which will be named the "9 Oaths to Odin". We would like to take a moment to thank you, our community, our Charter Members, for embracing this change and standing up for what The Asatru Community has always been about: Inclusiveness. Sincerely, The Board.

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