The Nine Oaths to Odin

Hail to the Charter Members of The Asatru Community!

The Nine Oaths to Odin are now complete and we have created our own Asatru document to strive to live by its Nine Oaths.

I could not be prouder of this document because it was created by our community for the followers of Asatru world-wide.

If you are just now hearing about the Nine Oaths to Odin, allow me to give you a short history of the document and how it came about.

The idea to create a document that represented the values and goals of our community was prompted by an issue that always came up whenever a post was shared on our social media pages regarding ‘The 9 Noble Virtues” because of the racist origins of it. The version of the 9NV that most followers of Asatru know is the version created by Stephen McNallen during the founding of the Asatru Folk Assembly. The reason the 9NV causes so much problems is that Stephen McNallen is a known racist and the AFA was founded on racist ideologies, as they do not allow anyone that is not of European (Caucasian) descent.

This gave me the idea that The Asatru Community should create our own document to live by, without all the racist and Nazi undertones and history of the 9NV. Thus, we set forth to create that document, taking input from charter members and going through multiple rounds of edits to the wording and exact Oaths that we considered to be most important to our community. The Nine Oaths to Odin is the fruit of that labor and I am proud to present it to followers of Asatru world-wide.

Moving forward The Asatru Community will no longer support the or promote The 9 Noble Virtues because of it’s horrible origin.

Every charter member will receive an email with a printable copy of the document with the awesome image of our own Stephen Gunn as Odin. In the very near future we will have frameable 11x17 full color and Sepia Tone versions available for purchase, they will be printed on high gloss heavy cardstock and sales of them will support the TAC Hof fund.

A very special thank you goes out to all members of the Asatru Community that helped with the creation of this document!

In Frith,

Topher W. Henry

President of The Asatru Community

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