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Hail to all of the Charter Members of The Asatru Community! This is an official statement from The Board; We are aware of a petition going around that is called "ACT NOW! Demanding Urgent Updates to TAC and Removal of Noxious Board Members". We would like to kindly remind our members that when you join any of our page and/or groups, there are ByLaws and Social Media Code of Conducts that you agree to abide by. If these ByLaws or Code of Conducts are in violation, it can result in your removal. Within this petition, the creator was in violation of Social Media Code of Conduct #8. No posting of screen shots from within TAC, into another group or with an individual outside of TAC, without permission. While we understand there are concerns, The Board is working to address them. If you as a Charter Member have any concerns, please contact your High Drighten, Jeddar Felix at:

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