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Welcome to our newest Partner!


My name is Thomas. You might have seen some of comments around here or perhaps the posts from my storyteller page. I've just sent the paperwork on becoming a partner of the asatru community which I'm very excited for. I got permission from Seth Chagi to post this plea.

But right now, I've coming seeking aid.

I'm a museum educator and storyteller specializing in the viking age. I've worked for, at and with museums for 20 years. I've traveled all over Europe telling stories and educating audiences of our myths, history and sagas.

These days I am well and thoroughly screwed. Up shit creek without a paddle. Spring and summer is my high season. It's when I earn 75% of my annual income. During off season I prepare for the next year.

This year every one of the 17 hired jobs (spread over 5 countries) I had lined up canceled because of corona. Every single one. Not one job do I have left. This year is leaving me destitute and insanely stressed. It doesn't help that Sweden (where I live) doesn't really take care their freelancers.

I have so far spent all my savings and I'm slowly crippling myself with debt just to survive. I'm actively searching for work but the work I'm qualified and trained for is in front of audiences. I'm getting truly desperate.

So in order to keep doing what I love and what I'm good at I've started bringing my stories to YouTube and I've started a patreon page to support my craft and myself.

Patreon is a web page where you can for a small amount every month support your favorite content creators.

So I ask you, fellow brothers and sisters. Can you please help me? Aid a skald in his time of need? You will get something for it. Ad-free previews of my stories, inside look into my craft, soon you'll get some free swag as well, among other things.

You can sign up for as little as €1 a month (around the same as a dollar i believe) or more if you're feeling generous.

I hope you can grant me aid in these troubled times.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for reading.


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