Welcome our new SMM!

I would like to welcome Thomas Ray the communities new Social Media Manager. The job has been vacant for the last few months and I'd like to thank him for stepping into the role.

A bit about Thomas:

"Hail brothers and sisters, My name is Thomas Ray and I am honored to be given the opportunity to be your social media manager. I am born an raised in Kentucky, an like other never felt connected to my family's faith. I was raised catholic but have been on my heathen path for 7 months now. I still have a lot to learn and I'm grateful that I have found such an awesome community to become a part of and go through this journey with. Some of my hobbies include video games, maintaining my fish tank, anything outdoors, and spending time with my kids and girlfriend. I have experience in security for bout 10 years along with being apart of Search and Rescue teams. I intend to do my best and fulfill all duties within this position. Feel free to reach out if any questions or need help with something.

Thank you"

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